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A new way to support lele

I want to provide the best possible content for you, whether that's making you laugh by watching me run away from zombies or helping you get your chair dancing fix by providing you with a little music bop every now and then.

I create my own artwork, promotional material, write my own songs and so much more, but there are always costs involved and so I created a Patreon to help me interact with those that have a genuine interest in my passions. Not only will it help keep me motivated and allow me to create more, but it will enable me to see up close the reactions of those it affects directly - My fans and those that enjoy what I do. My hope is for this Patreon to become a tool to help me build a strong community with like minded people, let's all support each other!

Here I will outline what YOU will be doing to help:

  • Assist with the costs of pursuing the creation of new music

  • Help with studio production, mixing and mastering costs

  • Keep gear up to date - Microphone/Webcam/Peripherals 

  • Cost of merchandising - Posters, Badges, Stickers

  • Allow me to continue Live Streaming on Twitch

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