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About The Artist
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LELE is an Australian born singer/songwriter and graphic artist with a passion for Japanese pop culture and anime. Her music is a unique blend of Breakbeat, Electronica and Pop, combined with a mix of Japanese and English lyrics. She began singing from a young age and in 2011 decided to share her music with friends and family on Facebook. After receiving positive feedback, LELE decided to make her page open to the public and through promoting and advertising, the page quickly grew.










Due to the following she had garnered, LELE was invited to join the GIRLS ROCK CONFIDENCE concert in Japan, performing alongside local celebrities such as Broken Doll and The Lady Spade, and continued on to tour the Tokyo circuit after being accepted as an international artist for Japan Music Week. LELE went on to perform in various clubs and live houses including ReG, a large live house in the heart of Tokyo's music district of Shimokitazawa, the well known ClubMODULE in Shibuya and many others.









After arriving back in Australia, LELE was invited to perform as a featured artist at the Brisbane Writers Festival, and was boasted as the only songwriter to sing in a language other than English, receiving a two-page spread in the festival's magazine.













LELE released her first EP titled "Hello Tokyo", a photo and the details of her upcoming concert featured on the front page of the popular Brisbane newspaper 'MX'. At Conniston Lane she made her first appearance for Neko Nation, Australia's largest Japanese Pop Culture and Gaming nightclub, and the club quickly became her platform for future live shows.

She joined the Neko Planet Australian Tour in 2014,  performing alongside S3RL, DJ SiSeN and GPK. The five-city tour took LELE to Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and she has since returned to perform again at Sydney for the local night club event. 
















LELE has since relocated to the UK and collaborated with Icelandic producers, Avenor.
The collaborative effort saw the song "In Your Dreams" become a semi-finalist in the North Europe Song Contest.

LELE has released 2 albums, 2 EP's and 3 singles in her career, with more new songs on the way.



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